4 Bulletproof Tips for Commercial Real Estate Marketing

4 Bulletproof Tips for Commercial Real Estate Marketing

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The best real estate agents know that in order to stand out, marketing must become a critical part of the business. Today, advertising your service may be easy, but getting noticed is the hard part. Marketing experts must find the right balance between quantity and quality to reach the most people with the strongest impact.

Here are four bulletproof tips for commercial real estate marketing.

Network with Others

Networking is a powerful piece of advice for one reason. It works. In an age dominated by internet connections, word of mouth still has pulling power. People will be more likely to pay attention to a seller’s product when the seller is recommended by a friend. Here are the top ways to connect with industry professionals.

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  • Attend real estate conferences: Avoid thinking of fellow property sellers as adversaries. While some competition occurs, the spread-out nature of real estate means that buyers are purchasing a unique product with each piece of land. Fellow sellers can give helpful advice and access to future possibilities.
  • Host a broker’s event: Getting noticed by local sellers is critical. A great way to do this is to have a broker’s open event at one of your locations. These brokers can bring in local clients that may be interested.
  • Host an influencer’s event: Invite press, investors, and local business owners to a property. Showing investors and journalists the area for sale will leave a notable impact. And local owners will be motivated to help sell this property since it will improve their company’s value.
  • Stay in contact with former buyers: It can be tempting to think that a buyer has completed his usefulness once he purchases. However, real estate buyers often want to expand their stock of investments. After a sale, make sure you tell the investor that you look forward to working with him again. Keep his contact information and use it when selling a related property.

Run Online Advertisements

A 2021 global survey shows that people spend an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes on social media each day. This time is perfect to show them what your business offers. Companies have picked up on social media’s popularity and spend billions each year to capitalize on it. As such, sellers must make their ads stand out from the crowd.

Loopnet Landing Page

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A great way to reinforce your brand is to spread it out across multiple platforms. People who spend much time on social media often visit different sites. If a consumer jumps from Twitter to Instagram and sees the same ad, that ad will have much more sticking power.

Additionally, databases such as Loopnet are specifically designed for realtors to find connections. Post detailed information regarding your properties and business.

Create a Target Demographic

When writing advertisements, it’s key to have a specific demographic in mind. Most people won’t be buying commercial real estate. As such, trying to target too many types will be a waste of time and money. Once you’ve figured out your demographic, a few steps become easier.

  • The right words will flow effortlessly once you know exactly how to speak to your target audience.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) will become easier because you can pick certain words that potential buyers frequently search.
  • Telling a story is simpler when you understand what narrative will grab your audience.
  • Knowing who to send targeted emails to is key to hooking potential clients.

Hire a Drone Video Company

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Consider hiring a professional drone video service to maximize quality in a dynamic, exciting way.

Drone footage is a great way to stand out online. According to self-reports, 80% of people are willing to watch a video, while only 20% will read a page of text. Additionally, people report remembering video information more than text.

While a realtor can shoot her footage, the results of such a practice are often unimpressive. Eye-level, stagnant footage is something consumers grew tired of over a decade ago. Consider hiring a professional drone video service to maximize quality in a dynamic, exciting way.

Whatever type of real estate you may be selling, using an expert to maximize your property’s appeal is an investment you don’t want to skimp on. At Dronize, our expert team of drone pilots strategically films your area to highlight key points of interest in eye-catching aerial video format. Contact us today to hear detailed plans on how we can best showcase your property.

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