Solar Inspections

Increased Speed, Improved Data and Higher Savings

Solar Inspections

Conducting solar inspections by the drone can significantly reduce the cost of inspecting your solar farm and help you spot potential problems before they develop further.

Aerial Drone Solar Inspections - Dronize

How It Works

Using a drone equipped with a thermal camera, we can fly over your solar farm and quickly collect data reflecting how each solar panel is functioning.

This data is then analyzed using special software that gives us an output that shows exactly which panels need to be maintained.

Why Use a Drone for Solar Inspections?

There are several benefits to using a drone for solar inspections, but the main ones are:

Increased Speed

A drone can perform a solar farm inspection in a fraction of the time it takes to do the same inspection manually. While a drone just needs a few hours to collect the data needed for a solar inspection, a person might take two to three days to collect the same data.

Higher Savings

A drone is also a less expensive option for solar inspections than a person, in part because a drone can do the same work much more quickly.

Improved Data

A drone can collect data on the status of every single panel in your solar farm. That data can then be archived for future reference, allowing you to have a snapshot of the condition of your entire farm at a given moment in time.

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