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LandronizeA revolutionary way to rapidly sell your land, utilizing high-tech drones to capture panoramic aerial views of your property.

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Are you ready to take your commercial real estate videos to the next level? If so, it’s time to invest in drone video technology.

Drones are not just for personal use anymore. They have become a valuable tool for professionals across all industries, including commercial real estate agents.

Dronize will help set your business apart from other companies by providing unique aerial footage that provides perspective on land features and property boundaries that may be costly or difficult to showcase in aerial photography.

It’s also an incredible way to show potential clients what their future investment looks like before they even purchase it!

Let’s Landronize

Landronize™ enables an immersive look of an entire property. Capturing unique views offers more than just walking a plot of land. Being able to see landlines, foliage, and neighboring property is invaluable to all real estate professionals.

When You Partner with Droznie, You Can Expect To

  • Sell more land with dynamic marketing content.
  • Get more exposure for your property.
  • Enhance your client experience by capturing your land at any angle.
  • Set your commercial real estate apart from the competition with drone video technology.
  • Location and property boundaries can be easily determined with our advanced mapping technology.

Make Your Commercial Property Come to Life with Landronize™

Let’s Landronize

Here’s what our clients are saying about Dronize


These guys know what they're doing! Top quality, amazing responsiveness, and fast turnaround time. We've dealt with many companies in the past and no one comes even close. We have used DRONIZE for aerial services, video production as well as 3D tours. I cannot recommend them high enough.

Claire Webster

After working with the DRONIZE team, I can wholeheartedly say that the contribution of their craft has added a very key element to our real estate operations-- something which was arguably lacking previously. Our customers have been more engaged and satisfied with their overall experience; something that us as a company, cannot ask any more of.
We have hit goals and milestones this year, and it would not be correct if we did not give credit to the DRONIZE service for their contributions. That being said, I recommend with the utmost confidence the punctual and effective services of DRONIZE.

Naser Torkan

It was a great experience to work with this company. I was asking for a good quality with an affordable price. It happened and was more than I expected. The team was responsible on every stage up to end of the project. Thanks to the great management and friendly team.

Roozbeh Payervand

Working with DRONIZE team was indeed the best experience we could receive collaborating with our Real Estate marketing team. Their prices are extremely reasonable given the high-end quality and equipments they use to shoot.

Peyman Etebari

Enjoyed working with this new technology on our properties! The team is really professional and responsive.

Ary Esfahani

DRONIZE photographed our showroom during COVID-19 – and made a huge impact on helping our customers browse our full furniture selection from afar. We're very happy with the virtual tour of our store and would highly recommend working with DRONIZE.



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