Roof & Property Inspections

Dronize, The Best Solution for Aerial Inspections in Dallas.

Roof & Property Inspections

Roof inspections by drone are faster, cheaper, and more thorough than inspections conducted by a person climbing onto a roof and looking around.

In a short period of time, a drone can get full video coverage of an entire roof, revealing every single aspect of the roof needed for inspection purposes—without exposing a person to the potential danger of falling.

Drone roof inspections can be useful for certified home inspectors, or for property owners and managers who want to evaluate the condition of their properties.

Here Are the Top Property Services We Offer

Parking Lot Inspections

Get aerial imagery on pavement conditions to identify stress cracks and wear.

Roof and Equipment Inspections

Inspect hard-to-access areas with thermal or standard imagery for evaluating water damage, roof conditions, and more.


Capture aerial images that make your property come alive, showcasing its unique value and helping you bring in guests, clients, or potential buyers.

Dronize, The Best Solution For Aerial Inspections in Dallas

We use aerial data to empower property management companies and owners to help them make quick, informed decisions.

Have another property inspection need that could benefit from aerial images or video? Drones can provide all the necessary insights you need to identify potential issues and take preventive measures to keep costly repair bills at bay.

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