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  • Who Can Benefit from Our Aerial Drone Services?

    Our aerial drone services are available for individual business owners, including end-users, as well as channel partners from different industries. End-users can hire us to get the attention of their target audience, make videos of their events, sell their property or real estate, and for aerial inspections.

    Channel partners can use the visual and/or thermal data we collect to perform their own analysis for their customers or resell it to third-parties.

    Our objective is to provide our users with a scalable and flexible solution that enables them to expand their business and customer base.

  • What Are the Specific Benefits of Each Drone Service You Offer?

    Here are some ways we can help your business:

    Real estate marketing – boosting sales.
    Aerial photography and video can be a big boost for potential sales, especially for showcasing larger properties with big acreage or commercial properties that cover large areas. 3D tours can also increase real estate sales by showing potential buyers the details of the property without requiring them to visit it in person.

    Indoor inspections – increasing savings and safety.
    Using a drone instead of a person for confined space entry inspections can help you realize significant savings by avoiding the need for building scaffolding and reducing downtimes, while also improving safety by removing the need to send a person into a confined space.

    Roof & Property inspections – increasing savings and safety.
    Aerial visual and thermal data can uncover problems in your properties early, helping you realize huge potential savings by addressing issues before they develop.

    Solar inspections – increasing savings.
    Conducting solar inspections by the drone can significantly reduce the cost of inspecting your solar farm and help you spot potential problems before they develop further.

    Local Business Marketing – increasing sales.
    3D tours coupled with high-quality aerial video and images can significantly increase consumer sales during a quarantine when people are less likely to visit your establishment in person.

  • How Can I Get Started?

    Whatever your aerial services needs might be, we can help. Contact us now to get your free quote.

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