5 Benefits of Using Drone Footage for Real Estate

5 Benefits of Using Drone Footage for Real Estate

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Land sellers have heightened opportunities today, almost unheard of a decade ago. With the right tools and knowledge, it’s become effortless to grab property buyers’ attention far faster than the average real estate marketing method. While many sellers still use regular photography to portray their properties, a newer, more versatile option has emerged — drone footage.

High-quality real estate drone footage maximizes for sale property in the eyes of investors. And, this aerial footage accounts for a fraction of the video and images sellers currently use in their property listings. For savvy realtors, this is the best time to use their competitors’ outdated methods against them.

If you’re looking for ground-breaking ways to sell your property fast, consider capitalizing on this emerging trend before it becomes standard practice.

Here are five benefits of using drone footage for real estate property:

1) Accurately Presents Information

Professional photographers are experts at taking perspective shots that boost the property appeal for investors. This talent has become a must-have for buyers who want the clearest, most honest view possible. While normal photography methods can depict the property well, drone footage excels at achieving this view.

Aerial footage captures a wide stretch of Seven Spring Ranch

Aerial footage captures a wide stretch of Seven Spring Ranch

Aerial footage captures a wide stretch of land. This perspective offers two benefits. It covers the area’s positive features, and it demonstrates a clear sense of scale and distance. Most people struggle to visualize what 1.34 acres look like exactly, and land buyers are no different. Providing investors with a clear, unbiased view of your entire lot spurs immediate action.

2) Captures Points of Interest Nearby

Location is a prime feature that gives a property its value. However, land sellers rarely succeed at emphasizing nearby points of interest adequately. With eye-level photos, it’s hard to depict a large area of land.

Map animation with highlighted POI (Point of interest)

Map animation with highlighted POI (Point of interest)

Drone footage excels at capturing a significant portion of the surrounding landscape. Buyers can see critical points such as highways, public buildings, private shops, suburban areas, and bridges. Additionally, buyers can also envision where future development could easily take place, helping them make quick, informed decisions to purchase land.

3) Creates a Dynamic Experience

Property selling is competitive, and with so many options for buyers, it’s critical for sellers to show off their land so it stands out from the competition. Many sellers still opt for the conventional photography methods, but these images can’t match the dynamic experience drone footage provides.

Well-executed drone footage invigorates the viewer while painting a clear picture of what the land offers. Drone footage takes the buyers’ experience to the next level by showcasing angles and perspectives that traditional photography can’t present. This visual appeal quickly captures interested buyers’ attention and gives them a unique in-person experience.  

Modern map animation by Landronize, Texas state from above

Modern map animation by Landronize, Texas state from above

4) Maximizes Video Branding

Realtors struggle to create a recognizable brand, often because land is highly variable and difficult to market. However, the way a seller advertises their property is crucial to branding. In an industry where most competitors still use photography, high-quality video footage immediately grabs customers’ attention. 

When aware of modern trends, a realtor can consistently post these videos to social media. Well-edited drone footage of property can be so enticing that viewers will seek out videos that are essentially advertisements. Linking this caliber of material to your brand creates a reliable source of attention.

5) Stays Ahead of Real Estate Marketing Trends

Currently, only high-end properties have standards requiring drone footage. However, consider past trends. Before the early 2000s, real estate ads ran in newspapers. Because of marketing costs, these ads often had no pictures and brief descriptions. The rise of the internet gave realtors access to a low-cost, wide-reaching advertisement platform. Since then, real estate agents and sellers who refused to adopt online real estate marketing quickly found their businesses failing.

Man watching an online property advertising

Man watching an online property advertising

Drone footage will likely become the new norm. Once demand forces everyone to adopt this product, the window for innovation will close. Humans are creatures of habit. If you provide a useful service now, buyers will likely still use your product in ten years when everyone else offers the same service.

Landrozine works to present your property in a high-quality, aerial video format. Our expert team of drone pilots strategically films the surrounding area to highlight key points of interest. Contact us today to learn how we can best showcase your property.


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