6 Ways Drone Video Can Impact Your Marketing Story

6 Ways Drone Video Can Impact Your Marketing Story

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Experts predict that the average person will spend 100 minutes a day watching online videos in 2022. This fact should alarm marketers who have failed to integrate video into their advertising. However, it should also worry marketers who thought using video was enough by itself to stand out from the crowd.

Consumers are saturated with footage each day. To pop, advertisers must spin a convincing narrative around their product. Drone video is cutting-edge technology that provides unique options to tell gripping tales.

Here are the top five ways drone video can impact your marketing story.

Establishing Shots

Where a narrative takes place is one of the pillars of storytelling. The environment will shape any yarn you spin. So, to get the most out of a story, efficiently establish where everything is happening. Drones excel at this task. One wide aerial shot can capture a vast swath of land that would otherwise only be possible with a helicopter or from specific elevated locations.

Slow Reveal

Building up to an information reveal is a key way videographers create suspense. You may want to show off the widest shot available immediately. However, you’ll maximize the visual impact by waiting till a climactic moment.

For example, imagine a beautiful plateau that you think is the main feature that will hook land buyers. Instead of showing this shot immediately, start on a tree. Creep your way up the foliage till you peek over the top. This method has literal rising action with a climactic reveal in a high vantage point.

Austin TX skyline with Sunset Aerial Panorama

Austin TX Aerial Panorama

Sense of Wonder

Directors bake shots of people flying into popular fantasy films. Most Harry Potter movies contain characters riding brooms, magical beasts, or flying motorcycles. “You’ll believe a man can fly” was the tagline of the 1978 Superman, proving that this dream of flight is timeless.

Soaring a hundred feet in the air is exhilarating. This emotion has universal appeal that anyone can grasp. Fill your audience with a sense of wonder by handing them the feeling of flight.

Immersive Control

Many drone companies shoot panoramas that show a 360 degree perspective of an area. Interested parties have the option to explore the panorama at their own pace. This level of control plunges a potential buyer into an environment. Giving people the ability to freely maneuver is an immersive experience that improves any narrative.

Untested Waters

Drones go where humans can’t. Whether flying over a sea of saltwater or a sea of people, they scout the unseen. Getting a precarious angle of a high building is exhilarating because it’s so dangerous to do on foot. Aerial shots give people the thrill of safely viewing an unknown, perilous perspective.

Environmental Storytelling

Drones offer an omniscient perspective. When people see aerial shots soaring at high speeds over acres of nature, they don’t think about humans behind the camera. This disassociation is great for people selling natural property to environmentally conscious buyers. While helicopters can achieve this same effect, the fuel helicopters spend runs counter to the environmental narrative.

At Dronize, we understand how important a marketer’s story is. So, we created a drone service designed to maximize whatever narrative a land seller wants. Contact us today to learn how our expert team of drone pilots will elevate your property.

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