6 Ways Drones Are Transforming Your Business

6 Ways Drones Are Transforming Your Business

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Since 2016, drones have skyrocketed in popularity. Businesses have adopted drones to deliver packages, map areas, and capture real estate footage. This popularity has transformed drones from a helpful accessory into a necessary tool. Yet some business owners fail to see how capitalizing on this trend can improve their company. 

Here are six ways drones are transforming businesses worldwide.

Efficient Business Landscape

Before 2018, the government heavily restricted drone usage. However, LAANC lets pilots obtain a waiver to fly at low altitudes. This legal switch paired with the improved, cheaper technology, has given a whole new wave of investors access to drones.

Now, businesses are using drones for delivery, surveillance, and photography. Doing so provides them with an efficient, cost-effective method of completing otherwise difficult tasks. Like the advent of the internet, businesses must understand drone usage to compete in the modern financial landscape.

Cheap Real Estate Drone Footage

Aerial photography excels at showing what a for-sale property and the surrounding area offer. Before the recent boom of affordable camera drones, land sellers could still obtain aerial footage of these features.

Aerial footage captures a wide stretch of Seven Spring Ranch

Aerial footage captures a wide stretch of Seven Spring Ranch

However, doing so required hiring an expensive helicopter and pilot. By contrast, modern drones are less risky, less expensive, and can maneuver into tighter spaces than helicopters. Hiring a skilled pilot with a camera drone is a less expensive, safe method of filming your land.

High Angle Shots

Perspective is key when capturing land footage. Unfortunately, the shots sellers take on the ground give a limited view of their property. Buyers will interpret an eye-level video very differently than an aerial one.

Drones allow for a bird’s eye perspective that instantly separates spaces and emphasizes distance. Additionally, this perspective highlights key landscape features, such as dips or rolls in a plain.

Quick Development Feedback for Property Buyers

Most real-estate buyers want to know what developments are occurring in a property’s area. However, sellers often don’t know all of the projects underway. Even if they have this information, sellers may send written descriptions of the projects and nothing else. And when they can provide a photograph, it is low quality and from a limited angle.

Quick Development Feedback for Property Buyers

With drones, sellers can quickly assess what projects are developing in their area. Additionally, the footage trained pilots capture is far clearer, and wider encompassing than a ground shot. Sending this footage to buyers shows what new benefits the location will provide.

Marketing Tool

The age of digital marketing spaces has opened a deep well of opportunity for advertisers. However, the ease of accessing the internet means competition is fierce. To stand out, marketers must use dynamic forms of communication. And with video marketing being the top way to engage users, it’s a must-have for successful businesses.

High-quality drone footage takes business branding to the next level. Currently, most businesses have yet to adopt a drone-footage-heavy model. However, the past few years’ trends show that drones are becoming less of a luxury and more of a requirement. A good way to capitalize on this? Use business social media accounts to display videos. Early adopters of drone footage will instantly gain a foothold in the social media world and grab the attention of the audience they need.

Life-Saving Technology

Drones offer a positive view of the future. These machines are already assisting disaster relief efforts. Additionally, artificial intelligence (AI) is integral to maintaining a drone’s flight path. AI is the future of both aerial and terrestrial navigation.

A firefighter check his drone before rescue misson

Once perfected, this tool will save many lives each year by minimizing human-caused accidents. When they use drone services, entrepreneurs support drone development and the life-saving steps that come with it.

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