Why Commercial Real Estate Agents Should Use Drones in Their Marketing

Why Commercial Real Estate Agents Should Use Drones in Their Marketing

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Aerial drone footage is one of the newest marketing tools available to real estate agents. Residential homes, commercial properties, and resorts all use this tool to present their property elegantly. Drones have the technology to deliver a unique perspective through aerial videos, images, and even 3D panoramas. Using videos in online marketing has been shown to net a 403% increase in real estate inquiries.

The technology is available for an average land seller to buy and use a camera drone. However, laws restrict pilots, and there is a good chance of crashing and destroying the investment. Hiring a drone video company is typically an easier, safer option. These companies will also professionally edit your footage.

Here are the top reasons real estate agents should use drones for marketing:

Product Transparency

Like any buyers, commercial real estate investors fear dishonesty. While agents rarely lie, clever wording and selective angles can hide sections that would otherwise cancel a sale. A ten-minute video of edited drone footage can cover most of the relevant features for small and mid-sized properties. Giving buyers visual proof of your land’s quality is an easy step to gain their confidence.

Presenting more information can also net unexpected positives. For example, a buyer may be looking for a building with a downward T shape. Most sellers will fail to consider this shape important. A wide aerial shot is the only way a buyer will find the T.

Marketing Versatility

Drones have more versatility than standing photography. No standing photographer can capture the perspectives or motion of a drone. However, a drone can match the most intimate eye-level shot. Are you concerned about the broad shadow in the aerial view? Don’t worry. Have the pilot take a lower angle shot that is warmer. Put both images on your advertising site for those who want a varied perspective.

Adopting drone footage early gives sellers a broad understanding of what works. You may have sold a property in three months using eye-level shots. However, drone footage might have sold it in one. The best way to experiment with advertising is by using the most versatile option that gives you a variety of styles. 

Broad Scope

If location is the crucial part of real estate, then agents who use eye-level shots ought to be canned. A lower angle can create an intimate, warm feel. However, it fails to convey the position of a property in relation to others.

Knowledgeable editors can paint boundary lines around a property. They can take ultra-high shots and draw lines with the distance labeled to key features nearby. Map animators highlight roads that connect from the property to points of interest. Drones provide a wide perspective that delivers crucial location information right into an investor’s mind. 

No standing photographer can capture the perspectives or motion of a drone


Avoid underestimating the effects boredom has on commercial buyers. These investors may be dealing with hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. However, they’re still people, and sifting through 37 land advertisements in a day grows tiresome.

Technology growth has provided people with billions of high-quality images and videos. Our expectations can only go up. A skilled drone pilot can constantly move his camera over a wide area. The combination of dynamism and new information is far more engaging than prose or still shots. 

Fast Sale Time

Drones sell property fast. A 2016 study of residential drone use showed that properties with aerial footage sold 68% quicker. It’s no industry secret that drone footage is a clear sign of professionalism. Commercial buyers want to deal with savvy sellers. Even if you dislike the technology or the high angles, the numbers are in, and drones sell properties.

Drozine works to present your property in a high-quality, aerial video format. Our expert team of drone pilots strategically films the surrounding area to highlight points of interest. Contact us today to hear detailed plans on how we can best showcase your property.

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