Drone Video is Transforming Commercial Real Estate

Drone Video is Transforming Commercial Real Estate

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Commercial real estate marketing has shifted from a realm dominated by giants to a diverse, accessible industry. Drone footage has been critical to this change. These machines offer inexpensive, high-quality videos that exceed buyer expectations. A recent study shows that properties with aerial footage are 68% more likely to sell than those without it.

Hiring drone companies is part of the specialization boom. Many realtors used to pride themselves on personally handling every sale aspect. However, modern sellers realize the level of quality professionals offer. Today, top realtors use a network of experts to polish their work into an art form.

Here’s how drone video is transforming commercial real estate.

Gaining Social Media Attention

Property ads tend to be dull. People interested in a type of estate will want to see those ads in their location. However, they want specific details presented in a clinical fashion that bores most viewers.

Drone video manages to satisfy both these groups. The wide, clear shots pilots capture meet buyers’ information demands. At the same time, the high movement, impressive perspective, and unique angles dazzle the general audience.

For the first time in history, an average realtor can impress standard consumers. Posting aerial footage on social media has the chance of exploding a property. You don’t need to look far online to find popular drone real estate videos.

Reaching a New Market

Thanks to modern social media success, realtors can reach a younger audience. These investors have a unique set of goals for land development. Their interest means sellers can take a more flexible approach when marketing. With a tech-savvy client base, advertising gets quicker returns. This breakthrough excites sellers who understand the pressing need to reach a modern generation.

The Statler Residences - Dallas, TX - Aerial Video by Dronize

The Statler Residences – Dallas, TX – Aerial Video by Dronize Watch on Youtube

Improving Decision Making

Drones help buyers make smart, long-term decisions. Aerial shots convey more detail than the typical pictures realtors snap. While prose can describe property, it requires a tedious number of words to be effective. Here are the top ways drones help inform buyers in engaging ways.

  • Topography Information: Saying that a tract of land is rocky with sparse vegetation is vague. Where do you draw the sparse line? How rocky is rocky? A wide aerial shot instantly clears up these questions.
  • Quality Details: Global industries are increasingly using drones for quality inspections. Drones examine mine shafts, solar equipment, and shipping masts. Buyers who want to know a roof’s exact state only must check the footage. Since drone video reveals property damage, sellers who use it will instantly earn investor confidence.
  • Border Lines: Some drone video companies will animate border lines along the edge of a property. This practice clearly distinguishes a piece of land from its neighbor.
  • Connecting Features: It’s one thing to say that a building has sixteen rooms on the second floor. It’s another to show buyers the journey up the stairs and how the rooms interconnect. This information is critical to investors with specific layouts in mind.
Urban Core - Fulfillment Center - Dallas, TX - Aerial Video by Dronize

Urban Core – Dallas, TX – Aerial Video by Dronize Watch on Youtube

Making Great Videos Affordable

Before drones, it was relatively common for large real estate agencies to make expansive, high-production videos. But the emphasis is on large. Small to midsize sellers struggled to afford a helicopter, the helicopter pilot, and a cameraman.

Drones are excellent because they’ve opened a whole new production level to additional sellers. Now, average realtors can win marketing battles against giant competitors. Also, many drone video companies have capitalized on their, high-quality footage by offering, slick editing. This combination gives realtors access to great videos at a fraction of their previous cost. 

At Dronize, we understand how the real estate market is changing. That’s why we’ve invested in top-tier equipment and professionals to capture your property. Our expert team will film an estate, then edit critical information into the final video. Contact us today to learn how we’ll transform your real estate marketing.

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