How to Use Landronize in Digital Marketing

How to Use Landronize in Digital Marketing

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Drone footage’s flexibility is a gift to modern sellers. Advertisers can now construct highly detailed, dynamic videos that appeal to a broad audience. But, if a marketer can’t get their ideas out to the public, what does this ability offer?

A 2021 survey shows that the online public wants more video marketing. Videos also scored 34% higher than their competition in website conversion. So, to reach this primed audience, marketers must learn how to use online advertising.

Here’s how to use Landronize in digital marketing.

Build a Target Audience

You can’t please everybody all the time. This classic principle sticks especially true for modern-day advertising. Consumers are so saturated with products that most will immediately discard ads outside their interest zone.

So, discover which demographics are most likely to buy your product. Remember, different websites attract unique audiences. Consider contacting creators on social media who have an appropriate audience to promote your brand.

Build a Target Audience

Format for the Site

Aerial footage excels with the horizontal landscape video format. This perspective gives people more information and naturally fits with human eye positioning. Unfortunately, some sites, such as TikTok, gear towards the portrait format. If you want to reach these websites, shoot additional vertical footage. Understand what features work best on different platforms to optimize your marketing strategy.

Shoot a Customer Spotlight

People tend to trust other people more than brands. As such, see if a previous client is willing to let you film their story and use it as marketing. Some products will slot easier into this format than others.

For example, a satisfied commercial real estate investor may be happy to let you film on her property. The video can provide valuable exposure to her new company while promoting the realtor’s services.

Plano KAWASAKI, Suzuki, Dallas, TX by Dronize

Plano KAWASAKI, Suzuki, Dallas, TX by Dronize Watch on Youtube

Maintain Consistent Branding

Across the world of social media, a horde of brands tries to establish their identity each day. You may have created a viral video that received accolades galore. But, if you’ve failed to maintain a cohesive brand image, viewers will likely forget you.

Ask what tone you wish to convey to your audience. Maybe your company has never released a video ad before. However, your website and written advertising likely give a distinct impression of who you are. Carefully plan what music you use, what angles work best, and what message type you want to send.

Track Your Success

Sellers must monitor how well a video does after posting. View counts, social sharing, engagement, comments, and likes are all ways to tell if a video is a success. If you find that something does well or poorly, consider tailoring your future content.

Some of a video’s success or failure may be due to luck. However, a company can gauge how well its audience receives this content type by monitoring social feedback.

Tell Your Company Story

Viewers connect with the human struggle of starting a business. While your story may not be thrilling, your motivations will likely be relatable.

An impactful format is to start simple and talk about your humble beginnings. Gradually build up to your current business that has grown significantly. Aerial shots are great at capturing the large scale that makes this transition noteworthy.

Dronize knows how crucial digital advertising is. So, we’ve crafted a team that excels at generating marketable content for the modern age. From accurately animating border lines to dynamically speeding down highways, we’ve perfected formats for most desires. Talk with a representative soon, and begin your marketing improvement journey.

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