Level Up Your Real Estate Marketing With Drone Video

Level Up Your Real Estate Marketing With Drone Video

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We’ve all seen commercials with swooping shots, slick editing, and product-relevant animations. These highly-produced ads receive the most notice and the most praise. How do companies get such top-tier content?

Video drone use has progressively grown over the past few years. Improved technology has handed casual consumers excellent quality hardware at low costs. This technology has also furnished drone video makers with the tools to produce attention-grabbing advertisements.

Real estate marketing suffers from repetitive, stagnant, low-quality shots. These mistakes frequently bore potential investors who must sift through dozens of land ads. By contrast, drones capture high-clarity, dynamic footage that covers a wide area.

Here’s how drone video boosts your real estate marketing.

Amplify Marketing Narratives

When watching a film, you’ve likely noted that some of your most emotional experiences stemmed from visual beauty. Spectacular effects, stunning landscapes, and breathtaking camera movements inspire deep investment. Great visual production and feelings go hand-in-hand.

Drones offer you the chance to plant this experience in your audience. Sellers frequently wish to impart product narratives to their consumers. Aerial footage will amplify the effect of any story you want to tell.

Improve Warmth

Critics stigmatize aerial shots as cold and un-personal. While this stereotype may sometimes be true, a talented drone pilot will improve how down-to-earth a property is perceived.

Most static shots are ground-level looking up at a building. This low-angle shot signifies power and dominance. Portraying these concepts to potential homeowners or retail sellers is unwise. A drone pilot creates a warmer impression by flying the camera up to a central point on a building.

Report Detailed Information

All serious investors prioritize accurate information above anything. Providing these investors with the clearest picture of a property is crucial. Thankfully, drones give buyers some of the most detailed facts available.

When tied with map animation, drone videos excel at illustrating specific layouts. Animators can highlight sections to show distance, structure, and scale. Implanting these logistical ideas into a buyer’s head is the key to getting them to see the value a property offers.

Drones also capture 3D panoramas. By photographing an area’s surroundings, marketers can showcase the interior of a building online. Buyers can navigate this area at their own pace and explore features that interest them most.

Diversify Shot Type

If you believe you can tell a personal, close story with a handheld camera, great. Handheld photography has filmed many fantastic videos. However, keep in mind your audience’s attention span.

Asking an audience to stay low and slow is a tall order for videos over a minute. Aerial shots diversify image types. Getting a range of image types stimulates the brain and keeps people engaged.

Boost Creative Expression

In a market saturated with dangerous competition, only using a handheld camera is an odd restriction. Drones can capture the shots any photographer can, but better. They also provide their unique aerial viewpoint.

Creativity is paramount today since consumers are bombarded with mediocre content eight hours a day. A whole new box of imaginative options opens by introducing a drone’s flexibility. Invest in buyers’ attention by taking your marketing to the next level.

Dronize helps realtors capture the beauty and scale of their property. Our team of top drone pilots films your land and the surrounding area to paint an accurate, alluring picture. In addition to shooting the base footage, Dronize will animate parts of the video to highlight crucial features. Contact us today to learn how we will best market your property.

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