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Indoor Drones in Public Safety Preserving Human Lives.

Indoor Drones in Public Safety - Dronize

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Police officers, firefighters, and first responders are devoted to the noble cause of protecting and saving the lives of other human beings. Every day they expose their own life to the threats of their working environment and every means to reduce risk is a blessing.

By choosing Elios, Public Safety professionals are relying on a dependable technology to gather field intelligence and support situational awareness to quickly and safely assess and unlock critical situations.



Flying safely and rapidly through an entire building to support special operations in corridor and room clearing operations.


Preventing coast guards’ exposure to threats during assaults, or when searching for smuggling cargos on maritime vessels.


Preventing the need to send humans in contaminated or collapsed structures to look for potential victims and plan a more informed rescue.


Supporting firefighters in the research of victims and the exploration of structure threatening to collapse.


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