How to Set Your Commercial Real Estate Business Apart From the Competition

How to Set Your Commercial Real Estate Business Apart From the Competition

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The past few years have given commercial real estate a bounty of new advertising tools. Options like drones and social media saturate marketers. However, recent growth in the U.S. economy has caused foreign investors to pour serious capital into the commercial land industry. Land sellers have the strongest competition they’ve seen in years. As such, real estate agents must have a unique marketing approach.

Here are the top ways to set your commercial real estate business apart from the competition.

Use Map Animations

Making your land stand out is more than just showcasing a plot of dirt. Investors must be able to envision potential business transactions. Map animations achieve this goal by taking a traditional aerial shot and making crucial details pop.

Animators will use colored highlights to trace along the border of your property. From here, they can mark nearby roads to points of interest. They also animate labels for any notable features along the camera’s route. This presentation method gives buyers a clear sense of a location’s potential.

Use Map Animations

Invest in Finding a Target Audience

The internet’s reach has made it tempting to market to every group imaginable. However, you’ll never reach every people group. Think about who will most likely purchase a piece of property and tailor your marketing to fit them. For example, change what prose you use in an article. Or get a different song for a video. Such fine-tuning is a great way to excite a potential buyer.

Adopt 3D Tours

After you’ve found your target audience, you must put yourself in their shoes. Unfortunately, advertisers frequently overestimate their ability to mind-read. Each person has unique, difficult-to-access preferences. Thankfully, some tools put the power in the consumers’ hands.

Enter 3D tours. A drone company films a property with a 360-degree perspective. Then, clients can view the area by navigating through the resulting panorama. Such a perspective is an immersive experience that lets investors inspect every property detail at their own pace. This process also caters to the increasingly online experience businesses are adopting.

Adopt 3D Tours

Gain Traction Online

If you want to gain traction online, you’ll have to give people something they want. Here are a few ways realtors can boost their following on internet platforms.

  • Start a company blog: Company blogs can provide interested sellers with crucial information about the industry. Invested industry followers will more likely spread brand awareness.
  • Retweet similar accounts on Twitter: Retweeting others is great for two main reasons. It incentivizes those accounts to boost you and gives your account more content.
  • Use Linkedin: Linkedin has grown its user base to nearly 700 million. Many of those users are commercial real estate experts. The platform is a great place to network and share insights.
  • Get high-quality footage: Dynamic footage engages viewers. Typically, drones will give you the vastest view, the most movement, and the broadest range of perspective shots.
  • Invest in SEO: SEO helps bring internet browsers to your website. Invest in an SEO research tool that gives you an overview of how frequently people search terms.
  • Get a professional website: No matter which platforms you use, you’ll likely be linking back to your website. This site must be professional. If interested parties click on a disorganized front page, you’ll lose customers. As such, hire a graphic designer to create a slick look that fits your brand.

Prove You Have Quality Real Estate

Proving quality is the way to win investors’ trust. However, written descriptions can shade the truth and mislead readers on a property’s attributes. With high-detailed drone footage, buyers can inspect quality for themselves.

These inspections can showcase indoor and outdoor areas. An experienced pilot will guide his drone over a property covering key features. Being frank with a piece of real estate builds trust between sellers and buyers.

Dronize offers 3D virtual tours, map animations, and high-quality edited drone footage. Our service gives a unique, clear perspective needed to stay ahead of competitors. Contact us today to learn how we’ll build buyers’ trust in your property.

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