Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Use Drones for Roof & Property Inspections

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Use Drones for Roof & Property Inspections

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When selling real estate, it’s critical to convey the property’s condition to potential buyers. High-quality video is the best method to communicate this information. A buyer can verify structural integrity while getting a clear view of an area’s layout.

These same positives apply to monitoring roof upkeep. Maintenance is a constant requirement, but sending an inspector to walk the roof is troublesome.

A contractor will need to know detailed information to estimate roof repair costs. While contractors frequently offer inspection services, these reviews can be expensive, time-consuming, and dangerous. Drones are a simpler alternative that skip this difficult process.

Here are the top four reasons you should use drones for roof and property inspections.

Safety Costs

Roof workers have long noted the dangers of their profession. When surveying roofs, you can either contract the job out or keep an in-house position. High job risks will require contractors to charge extra high fees. For in-house work, you may need to pay for an expensive insurance policy. Depending on circumstances, you also may be liable for any on-the-job injuries.

Drones avoid these risky potentials. Unfortunately, amateur pilots risk crashing into other objects. While far better than risking people, drones and the property they crash into can be expensive. Thankfully, full-time pilots rarely make this mistake, and the businesses they work for accept accident costs. So, hiring a professional drone company is the wisest option.

Executing a manual roof inspection takes time

In-Depth Information Collection

Drones’ high-quality cameras can maneuver into angles that no human can. This flexibility is integral for when damage occurs in awkward to reach places. Once positioned, drones record a detailed picture of an area’s condition. Such minutiae are more precise than any description an inspector can provide.

Drones excel at before and after comparisons. Video tells drone users exactly where they previously filmed. So, a pilot can guide his drone to this exact spot for a comparative observation. This direct contrast provides high precision in determining repair effectiveness.

Faster Response Time

Executing a manual roof inspection takes time. Planners must verify safety precautions. The inspector must climb the building, crawl around a wide area, and consistently stop to note details.

Also, human inspections may require multiple people and cumbersome equipment pieces. Scaffolding, ladders, and additional safety gear are frequently necessary. Several people may go on these inspections to boost operation efficiency. 

By contrast, a single competent pilot can deploy a drone within minutes of reaching the target area. The pilot can quickly guide the camera along the planned route from a comfortable position. Instead of stopping to write notes, the drone will maintain a steady pace while constantly recording crucial details.

Wider Perspective

Aerial photography is necessary to capture the most detailed view of a property. High, clear shots are the exact type of information buyers want. This perspective is especially critical with the rise of internet advertising. Many investors can become interested in property from across the country. While it is impractical for them to travel for an in-person viewing, drone video is the next best option.

Dronize has consistently executed high-quality inspections for our customers. We’ve perfected these tasks through on-the-job experience and technological research. Our team of top pilots excels at smoothly finding the most detailed angles. Contact us today to receive a free inspection quote.

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